Tents and canopies in timber and fabric

Low-impact, practical, sculptural

Managing Director
Roger J Brisley MSc

Roger has more than 40 years’ experience in architecture and engineering and a passion for eco-friendly building solutions. While working at Architen, where he enjoyed designing tensile structures and managing projects, he saw an opportunity to use a totally different set of material components, creating a product with excellent environmental credentials. He set up Timber Intent in 1996, since when the business has built a world-class reputation by supplying quality products to a wide range of clients.

Roger has an MSc from Hooke Park College, formerly part of the John Makepeace Parnham Trust and now part of The Architectural Association.



We are always looking to spread the word and expand our markets. We also love collaborating and are keen to develop or produce prototypes from other people’s designs. We are particularly interested in structures that use forest thinnings, a resource we believe to be massively underused, combined with appropriate recycled and sustainable fabrics. We have lots of our own ideas and in-depth experience of different markets and would be pleased to discuss your ideas. Copyright is respected and confidentiality assured.



Enquiries from new and established architectural sales agents – both UK and international – are always welcome. If you are interested in working with us, please contact Roger Brisley direct.



If you are considering our products for a new-build or conversion that will require planning consent, our sister company Timber intent Architecture can help with creating plans and submitting an application.